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Getting in Tune with Georgia's Bizarre and Wonderful Town Names

submitted on 8 May 2023 by
As any Georgia peach will tell you, their home state is full of history, southern charm, and delightful quirks. One of the most entertaining ways to appreciate Georgia's unique character is to explore the stories behind some of its most bizarre and wonderful town names. These names often stem from fascinating origins, reflecting the state's rich past and diverse influences. So, buckle up and join us on a journey through some of Georgia's most peculiar and charming town names!

1. Climax

Located in Decatur County, Climax got its name from its claim to fame: being the highest point on the railroad between Savannah and the Chattahoochee River. With an elevation of a whopping 295 feet, Climax is a fitting name for this little town. Make sure to snap a picture with the town's welcome sign it's sure to be a conversation starter!

2. Experiment

No, this town wasn't named after a mad scientist's laboratory. Experiment, Georgia, is actually home to the University of Georgia's Griffin Campus, which was originally established as the Georgia Experiment Station in 1888. The station has since expanded and diversified, but the town's unique name remains as a nod to its origins.

3. Between

Looking for something to do in Between, Georgia? You might be out of luck this tiny town is mostly residential, with a population of just 300. Its name comes from its location, situated "between" the cities of Monroe and Loganville. It's a convenient place to live if you're torn between the two destinations, but it may not be the most exciting place for tourists. Nevertheless, the town's name is charming in its simplicity.

4. Lickinghole

Before you let your mind wander too far, know that Lickinghole, Georgia, was not named after any unsavory activity. The name is thought to originate from the Native American practice of licking salt from a nearby mineral lick, which was an important source of salt for both humans and animals. While Lickinghole may not be what you pictured, it's still an intriguing piece of Georgia's history!

5. Santa Claus

It's Christmas year-round in this town! Santa Claus, Georgia, is a small town in Toombs County that fully embraces its festive name. The streets have names like Candy Cane Road and Rudolph Way, and the town's water tower is painted with Santa's jolly face. If you're a huge fan of the holiday season, this is a must-visit destination in Georgia!

6. Hopeulikit

This town's name sounds like a whimsical, southern-accented invitation: "Hope you like it!" Hopeulikit, Georgia, began as a dance hall in the 1920s and soon grew into a small community. The dance hall is now long gone, but the town's playful name remains as a testament to its fun-loving roots.

7. Enigma

Enigma, Georgia, is something of a mystery itself. While some sources claim that the town was named after a local resident's love for riddles, others suggest that the name arose from a dispute over the naming of the town. Whatever the true story may be, Enigma's unusual name undoubtedly adds to its allure.

Some tips for enjoying Georgia's bizarre town names

  • Take a road trip through the state and snap pictures with each town's welcome sign you'll have a collection of amusing memories to share with friends and family.
  • Research the history behind each town's name to gain a deeper appreciation for Georgia's colorful past.
  • Support local businesses in these quirky towns you never know what unique souvenirs or experiences you'll find!
  • Combine your town-name exploration with other Georgia attractions, like the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains or the vibrant city of Atlanta.
Georgia's bizarre and wonderful town names are just one aspect of the state's rich culture and history. As you explore these peculiar places, you'll gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the stories and people that make Georgia such a fascinating destination. So why not hit the road and discover the charm of Georgia's most curiously named towns?

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