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Editor's Selected Articles and Listings

Journey Through Serbia's Novi Sad

Introduction Now, dear daredevils of obscure excursions, prepare yourself for a tale of a city that has the spirit of a lion and the heart of a lamb. Nestled in the northern nook of Serbia, Novi Sad is a city that has been through the wringer of history and emerged with a strangely delightful blend of scars and smiles. I invite you to join me on this journey through Novi Sad, where we shall delve ... read more >>>

Our Memorable Vacation Experience in Kentucky

My favorite holiday was last year, when my wife and I went to Kentucky. It was a dream of ours to see the mountains and to see horses, because that is something that my wife enjoys. So, we planned our trip to Kentucky, with an itinerary that allowed us to visit the Kentucky Derby is Louisville, as well horse parks in Lexington, as well as some other notable sights in the region. Driving out to Ken... read more >>>

Halloween in New York City: There's Nothing Like It!

To me, Halloween always meant Trick-or-Treating or watching a scary movie with friends. But two years ago, my friends and I decided to go to Times Square for Halloween- you'd think we would have been there before, for this festive occasion, given we've lived in New York our whole lives, but sadly this wasn't the case. Leaving the house by 9pm, we arrived at Times Square by 10pm. Everything about t... read more >>>

From Neon Wilds to Latte Lands: The Taming of Miami's Vibrant Beast

In the neon-drenched, cocaine-dusted heyday of the 1980s, Miami was a wild, pulsating beast of a city, a place where the rules were more like suggestions and excess was the order of the day. It was a carnival of chaos, a symphony of sound and fury, signifying everything and nothing all at once.Fast forward to the present day, and the beast has been tamed, sedated, and neutered, its wild roars redu... read more >>>

My Wonderful Vacation at Camp Seeley Cailfornia

I can remember as a little girl about seven years old driving up to Camp Seeley in California. The trip would take about five hours driving through winding canyons and twisting mountain roads. The anticipation would become more difficult to contain the closer we came to our destination. I remember being in awe of the towering pine trees and the abundance of lady bugs flying and fluttering around a... read more >>>

How I Enjoyed North Carolina for Christmas

Many view Christmas as a holiday only children and parents enjoy. I can tell you firsthand that this is a false assumption, as some of my favorite memories from Christmas are from my late teens and early twenties. My favorite Christmas happened when I was 22, and it involved little more than some dumb luck and fantastic weather. My family and I took a trip to North Carolina for the holidays. We pa... read more >>>

Best Beaches in Florida to Visit in 2018

The sunshine state is home to around 1200 miles of pristine coastline, so it comes as no surprise that some of the best beaches in the United States are located right here in Florida. Whether you are looking for a beach with white powdery sand and seashells or a family-friendly beach with gorgeous views and turquoise waters, there is no shortage of excellent beaches in Florida. The good news is th... read more >>>

Caribbean Summer Vacation vs US Beach Spots

If you are considering a beach vacation in the summer months, don't discount the Caribbean. Why, you ask, would you possibly want to travel to a Caribbean island in the middle of summer? Fair question, I suppose, when most of you can drive less than 50 miles to be on the shore. You do realize that the rest of the United States only has to drive 50 miles as well before you probably see the point of... read more >>>

Florida's Fabulously Peculiar Attractions: 5 Must-See Gems for the Curious Traveler

Ah, Florida - the land of sun, sand, and...the delightfully bizarre? That's right, intrepid explorer! The Sunshine State isn't just about theme parks and retirement communities. In fact, Florida is home to a treasure trove of wonderfully peculiar attractions that are guaranteed to tickle your fancy (and perhaps raise an eyebrow or two). So grab your sunscreen, put on your favorite pair of flip-flo... read more >>>

New York: Is The City That Never Sleeps Starting to Doze Off?

In the old days, when I first acquainted myself with the boisterous beast that was New York, the city was like a party where everyone was slightly drunk, but no one wanted to go home. Now, post-Covid, it feels like the morning after, where everyone has a hangover and can't find their shoes.The journey from JFK to Manhattan, once a gladiatorial contest with traffic, is now a sedate affair. The cabb... read more >>>

My Favourite Part of the UK: Buxton

I've always loved going to the Peak District in England, particularly Buxton. The people are friendly, the scenery absolutely stunning, and the cost of the holiday always reasonable. Not only that, but it's a safe, clean country. I always hire a car when I'm over there, as that's very affordable. Online it's pretty simple to get a quote - just enter your starting point and date, and finishing l... read more >>>

Wonderful USA Summer Vacation Spots

During summer you want to use your vacation days to do whatever you want and the USA definitely has you covered. You can go to a really large city and enjoy culture at its finest or simply use the USAESTA visa you have to sit on a relaxing beach. No matter your desires, it is a very good idea to learn all that you can about the best destinations you can enjoy. With this in mind, here are some trem... read more >>>

On Why Las Vegas Demands a Second Look

I was last in the United States back in 1998 - visiting the east coast - New York, Atlantic City and Philadelphia. Fourteen years later, I had the opportunity to visit Las Vegas at the behest of the construction company I worked for. Despite the fact that my company were paying for everything, I was very pleasantly surprised at how affordable accommodation and dining out was in Las Vegas. Perhap... read more >>>

A Look at the More Obscure Parts of San Francisco to Explore as a Tourist

San Francisco - the city by the bay, the land of the Golden Gate Bridge and sourdough bread. But what about the hidden gems? The spots that aren't on every tour guide's itinerary? As a local, let me tell you, there's more to SF than just Fisherman's Wharf and Alcatraz (although those are pretty cool too). So, grab your walking shoes and let's explore the more obscure things to see and do in San Fr... read more >>>

Buying a Second Hand Static Caravan

There are numerous reasons to purchase a second hand caravan with the two major options being on a holiday park or for an off site purchase for use on private land and both scenarios require some thought on the purchasing process. The majority of trade in second hand static caravans or lodges is on a holiday park with static caravans for sale where an owner of a holiday caravan wants to sell their... read more >>>
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