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Optical Success Academy

Optical Success Academy offers dedicated marketing and business coaching for independent optometry businesses in the US. Training is delivered by founder Conor Heaney who has studied what works in marketing, sales processes, practice management and personal growth in the optometry business in the US and all over the world. Learn what the top practices are doing and the unique systems Conor has used to build one of the most successful opticians in the UK with an average eyeware sale of over $1,000.

The training program is based on Conor's own experience and success and is suitable for optical store owners in major cities and mid-size or smaller towns. Learn the secrets to building a better optometry business and how to boost average eyeware sales by $150 to $250. The coaching offers tips on attracting new clients, retaining existing high-spend clients, increasing dispense value and improving time management, as well as how to refine every part of an optometry business and streamline processes to improve customer experience and profitability. Conor teaches optometrists how to stand out from competitors, unlock hidden profits and build a successful practice. Visit the website for more details and to download your free report.

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Common questions asked about

1. What is Optical Success Academy?

Optical Success Academy is a coaching and marketing organization specifically designed for independent optometrists. It offers a unique approach to practice building and marketing strategies for eyecare practices. The founder, Conor Heaney, is a practicing optometrist himself and has achieved remarkable success in his own practice. With his expertise, he helps other independent ECPs unlock hidden profits and achieve industry-leading results.

2. How does Optical Success Academy help independent optometrists?

Optical Success Academy provides a platform for independent optometrists to learn and implement proven strategies for marketing, customer service, and eyewear retail. Members have the opportunity to 'look over the shoulder' of Conor Heaney and gain insights from his successful practice. Through coaching, training, and access to valuable resources, Optical Success Academy empowers independent ECPs to optimize their practices and increase revenue.

3. What sets Optical Success Academy apart from other coaching organizations?

What sets Optical Success Academy apart is Conor Heaney's firsthand experience as a practicing optometrist. He has systemized his own practice to achieve impressive results, and he shares his unique approach with members. Unlike other coaching organizations, Optical Success Academy focuses specifically on the needs and challenges faced by independent optometrists, offering tailored strategies for success.

4. Can I benefit from Optical Success Academy if I'm based outside of the United States?

Yes, absolutely! Optical Success Academy has members in both the United States and Europe. The strategies and principles taught by Conor Heaney are applicable regardless of geographical location. Whether you're in the US or Europe, you can learn the secrets to operating your practice with the new model for success as an independent ECP.

5. How can I get started with Optical Success Academy?

To get started with Optical Success Academy, you can take the first step by requesting their free report. This report reveals the 9 keys that unlock hidden profits in your practice. By accessing this valuable resource, you'll gain insights into the strategies and principles taught by Optical Success Academy. From there, you can explore their coaching and training programs to further enhance your practice and achieve remarkable results.

Some reasons to choose

Increased Bottom Line

Kevin Count, owner of Corner Eyecare in Glenview, Illinois, reported adding $52,000 to his bottom line in the last 6 months after working with Optical Success Academy. Through Conor Heaney's program, Kevin was able to refine pricing and processes, resulting in significant financial growth for his practice.

Record-Breaking Months

Brittany Graber, owner of Ulla Eyewear in Madison, Wisconsin, experienced 3 record-breaking months since starting with Optical Success Academy. By implementing Conor's strategies and improving business processes, Brittany was able to strengthen her store and achieve unprecedented success.

Improved Communication and Team Atmosphere

With 8 staff members, Ulla Eyewear faced challenges in communication and team cohesion. However, by involving her staff in Optical Success Academy, Brittany was able to create a more cohesive team with a great team atmosphere. Conor's program provided effective processes that made communication and teamwork much easier.

Unique Perspective on Business

One of the benefits of working with Conor Heaney and Optical Success Academy is gaining a different perspective on the business. Brittany appreciated the fresh insights and ideas Conor brought to her store, allowing her to approach her business from a new angle and make necessary improvements.
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