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For pre-owned photography and videography kit to buy and sell online, MPB should be your first port of call. We are based in the creative communities of Brighton/UK, Berlin/Germany and New York City/USA with a passionate team of camera experts and experienced photographers and videographers. If you're looking for accessible and affordable kit and a more sustainable way to buy, visit us online today.

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1. How does MPB work for buying and selling used camera equipment?

MPB is a platform that allows you to buy, sell, and trade used photo and video kit. If you're looking to buy, you can browse their extensive collection of camera equipment and choose the one that suits your needs. When selling, MPB offers an instant quote for your gear and provides free shipping. Once they receive your equipment, they will inspect it and send you the payment. Trading in your kit is also an option, allowing you to upgrade your gear easily.

2. What are the benefits of selling to MPB?

Selling your used camera equipment to MPB comes with several benefits. Firstly, they offer an instant quote, so you know exactly how much you'll receive. Additionally, MPB covers the cost of shipping, making it convenient for you to send your gear. They also have a fast selling process, ensuring that you receive your payment promptly. MPB is a trusted platform with a high rating on Trustpilot, giving you peace of mind when selling your equipment.

3. Can I trade in my camera equipment with MPB?

Yes, MPB offers a trade-in option for your camera equipment. This allows you to upgrade your gear without the hassle of selling it separately. Simply select the equipment you want to trade in, and MPB will provide you with a quote. If you accept the offer, you can use the value of your gear towards purchasing new equipment from MPB. It's a convenient way to upgrade your gear while saving time and effort.

4. What is the process for buying from MPB?

To buy from MPB, you can browse their website and select the camera equipment you're interested in. Each product listing provides detailed information about the item's condition, accessories included, and any cosmetic imperfections. Once you've chosen your gear, you can proceed to checkout and complete the purchase. MPB offers a secure payment process, and your equipment will be shipped to you with reliable and fast shipping options.

5. What additional features and benefits does an MPB account offer?

By signing up for a free MPB account, you gain access to exclusive offers, creative news, and original content. It also makes the buying, selling, and trading process faster and more convenient. With an account, you can save your preferences, track your orders, and manage your listings easily. MPB provides a seamless experience for their account holders, ensuring that you get the most out of their platform and stay updated with the latest news and offers.

Some reasons to choose

Buy, sell or trade used photo and video kit

MPB allows users to buy, sell, or trade used photo and video equipment. This provides a convenient platform for photographers and videographers to upgrade their gear or find affordable options for their needs.

Instant quote, free shipping, and fast selling

When selling to MPB, users can get an instant quote for their equipment. MPB also offers free shipping, making the selling process hassle-free. Additionally, MPB ensures fast selling, allowing users to quickly turn their used gear into cash.

Access to exclusive offers, creative news, and original content

By signing up for a free MPB account, users can get more from the platform. They gain access to exclusive offers, allowing them to save money on their purchases. Additionally, they receive creative news and original content, keeping them inspired and up-to-date with the latest trends in photography.

Finance provided by PayPal Credit

MPB offers finance options through PayPal Credit. This allows customers to spread the cost of their purchases over time, making high-end equipment more affordable and accessible.

Trusted by customers

MPB has a strong reputation and is trusted by customers. This is evident through their high rating on Trustpilot, indicating that customers have had positive experiences with the company and its services.
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